World’s first INTRINSIC methodology training


Research, Design and Training by,
The Seven Secret Rhythm (T7SR)

Endorsed by,
Intelligent Society of Malaysia (ISOM)

Approved by,
Ministry of Education Malaysia (MOE)

VGENIUST Intrinsic Brain Training Workshop & Coaching for Students towards Academic improvement, sports enhancement, much naturally healthier, emotional moderation and greater student life style

The purpose of VGENIUST workshop is:
  2.1   To produce higher-power children as well teenage generation, better in terms of
          cognitive skills, which enable them handle memory and focus issues.
  2.2   To enhance cognitive skills such as adding brain fitness, changing the new and
          high targets, strengthening the focusing power and concentration, enhancing
          creativity, enhancing memory power, stabilizing brain and left brain performance,
          and handle sensitive issue with alertness, higher responsibilities  without tension.
  2.3   To reduce stress among students and make them enjoy educational activities
          and Exams through practical exercises of "The 7 Secrets Rhythm" techniques.

Student Challenges
While the overall level of education in Malaysia is well developed compared with other developing countries, Ministry of Education has reported in the "Prelimary Report, Malaysia Education Blueprint 2013-2025" that Malaysian students are in a very dangerous state.

Here are some facts and figures about the current state of education in Malaysia.

We found globally each country mild variance in %, yet each student do have major requirement to learn VGENIUST

3.1      The student pass rate for all subjects is between 35% and 65%
3.2      20% of the current student population is illiterate
3.3      Malaysia’s school education rating is at 57 out of 78
3.4      The average IQ of Malaysians is 92 instead of 110
3.5      The vocabulary of students in Malaysia is at 5000 words when it should be 20000
3.6      School bags weigh more than 50% of the student’s body weight
3.7      60% of food and drinks served to students at school affect their performance


The challenges students facing are the effects and not the cause.

These causes are historical, mechanical, superficial and outdated, creating compliance and subservient thinking and a general resistance in the industry on innovative approaches that can address these issues effectively.

Our research has shown that these effects can be changed when we attack the root cause with a holistic approach on health, nutrition, brain training and correct implementation of environment setup for academia.

VGENIUST and Its Purposes


Brain Status Diagram Before and After VGENIUST



VGENIUST is a holistic, scientific and easy program to shape the character of a student to be smart, thoughtful and intelligent while increasing personal value by striking a balance between attitudes and aptitudes. Nurturing and transforming school children are not just dependent on teachers alone but require active participation by parents, teachers and students themselves.


What is the purpose of VGENIUST?

The purpose of VGENIUST Workshop is to create a generation of productive, astute, savvy, responsible, accountable and creative leaders that will exceed the dreams and desires of all parents and society in general.
Thus, with the students’ increasing interest of studies in school, VGENIUST will easily reduce the problem of teenagers such as social issues, school truancy issues, disciplinary issues, dropouts or dropping out of school before graduating.



VGENIUST is an all-inclusive programme that is taught not just to students but also to teachers and parents. This training is based on scientific techniques that enhance the power of the right, middle and left brains.

These modules are outlined as follows

1-Day 7P* Module for teachers and food operators to handle daily implementation at school level. This involves the removal of obsolete knowledge on the way children learn, unlearn and relearn and also to provide healthy food for the students.

[*Performance, Propinquity, Psychology, Patience, Pit-stop, Portion, Purity]

1-Day 7E** Module for parents and guardians to support their children.

[**Enthusiasm, Encourage, Educate, Engross, Engage, Efficacy, Equanimeous]

2-Day VGENIUST Module for students to master knowledge in various areas such as body, mind, emotions, food and thinking. This includes the proprietary 7-Secrets Rhythm and 7R*** method to study.

[***Read, Remember, Reproduce, Refer, Rectify, Revise, Recall]


VGENIUST Benefits & Advantages

Some major benefits from this programme include stress-free parents and teachers; healthy, smart, emotionally stable straight-A students that are socially responsible, world-class sportsmen and sportswomen.

Significant Benefits
 Improved ways to control emotions within 12 days.
 Loves all subjects within 20 to 35 days.
 Changes in friends and other types of friends to choose.
 Changing unwanted attitudes.
 Synergy of relationships between teachers & students.
 Good communication between students and teachers.
 Motivated to complete homework even when in school and it will increase 80% within 55 days.
 Increase the exam score from 28% to 88% within 35 days.
 Increase the exam score from 48% to 100% within 45 days.
 Better performance in sports within 50 days.
 Changed from hating teachers to liking all teachers.
 An ordinary sports player can be a school player within 7 months.
 Reduce / stop non-clinical health issues, which are minor within 60 days.
 Can learn new languages more easily within 70 days.