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Company Profile

The 7 Secrets Rhythm was established in 2007, pioneering in brain training for individuals and teams to unleash their full potential in every aspect of their lives.

This pioneering work is embedded into distinct programmes such as VGENIUST for Academics, Sports Psychology, Rewiring the Brain for competencies and MindPreneurship for C-suites.


Our Vision

A global leader in brain training for every individual to achieve their full potential.


Our Mission

To provide brain training that delivers practical, science-backed, proven strategies for individuals and organisations that will allow them to excel and lead the field.


Our Values


Integrity in our mission. Teamwork in delivering the best Service to our clients. Creativity in customising the needs of our clients. Learning in our pursuit of Excellence. Accountability in our work and Respect for all who want to improve their lives.


What is The 7 Secrets Rhythm?

It is a technique that will moderate the inner brain frequencies of the participant, balancing their brains and allowing them to achieve excellence in every field of endeavour effortlessly.



The 7 Secrets Rhythm (T7SR) techniques are embedded in all of the modules designed for our clients. These are VGENIUST for Academics, 7G for Graduates, Rewiring the Brain for multi-competencies, MindPreneurship for CEO’s and Intrinsic Sports Psychology for aspiring athletes.



VGENIUST for Schools has three sub-modules i.e. 7R for Students, 7P for Teachers and 7E for Parents. Graduates can use the 7G module to increase their potential for the working and business worlds.



Rewiring the Brain for multi-competencies is designed for executives who desire to improve themselves to further their potential in the corporate sector whilst MindPreneurship is designed for CEO’s who desire to take their leadership capabilities and company to the next level.



Intrinsic Sports Psychology is designed for participants who desire to excel in their field of endeavour, to expand their mindset and focus to become world-class athletes.