World's first Intrinsic training institute

Ancient Pure Scientific Essence with Modernize Concept

  1. We have been in research business since 1985.
  2. We have been in freelance business since 1992.
  3. We have been in business since 2007.
  4. Longevity, experience, and stability.
  5. We have a talented Home Office Staff that supports our Directors so they can focus on providing excellent care and customer service


Natural approach training content.

We do not use devices or digital base equipment to train the brain.

We use natural, simple physical items as part of brain game.

Vegetarian meals
World’s first corporate training institute practice and only serve vegetarian meals.

We serve "Saathvic" food or known us Vegetarian meals.


Go greens

  • We world’s first Corporate training institute have adopted holistic GO GREEN practice, by implementing whole operation vegetarian.
  • Ecologically by most research showing earth should shut down all live stock farm for harmony and balance in universe molecule composition.


Research and Design 1770 brain techniques for various competency requirement

Techniques for Student


Techniques for University graduate


Techniques for Corporate staff


Techniques for Chief level


Techniques for Athlete


If you tell us what you wanted to transform then we will provide the relevant set of brain techniques.