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Word's first Intrinsic Brain training institute providing 3 different version of coaching 7P for Teachers, 7E for Parents and 7R for Students

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VGENIUST training module, activities and practicing using intrinsic methodology.


All our training scientifically design giving fast and forever greater impacts for students yet it is easy to learn and simple to apply.


You need one-minute effort daily to increase memory.

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A Complete Child NURTURING & TRAINING Solution

Guidance for parents to take care babies from 1 to 2, babies 3 to 4, babies 5 to 6, training, coaching for 7 to 9 years kid, workshop for 10 to 12 years child, workshop for 13 to 18 years teenage children

Aliya and Sebi, from SMK Titiwangsa, Kuala Lumpur [Form 2] ~ Testimony

I realized education is really fun, math is easy, studying 2nd languages such as English is very important and enjoyable activities upon completed VGENIUST workshop.  Usually I score just passing marks for Science and Math.  Within 25 days now, I have miracle results, I begin to manage my emotion much smoothly and started to score STEM subjects above 88%.  Thank you VGENIUST team especially my mentor ELANggovan. Click

Aliya Form 2 [SMK Titiwangsa, Kuala Lumpur]


Elan has natural charisma and is a pleasure to work with.  He is engaging and genuinely interested in others cognitive development which will impact the overall high quality performance.  He knows niche and precise information on how to tune human's brain.  He his incredible with 6th sense and contribute the best of what participant require according to level from student to corporate CEO position.

Gina Van Luven from Park City, Utah, U.S.A. is an international speaker, bestselling author and Board Certified Health Coach.   She is the founder of YOUnique Nutrition™ and Healthy Habits Academy™, the creator of several self-help programs, and the author of the bestselling book “Nutrition for Success – How to Maximize Performance in All Areas of Life.” As an expert in her field, she has been highlighted in numerous publications, television, and radio across the globe.


Elan is the incredible inventor of VGENIUST master of transforming the IMPOSSIBLE achievement into POSSIBLE accomplishment through his Expertise, Experience, and Energetic presentation integrated with specialist knowledge.  The amazing and simple VGENIUST 7 techniques in 7 minutes prove that words can turn into actions, cognitive miracles can occur to enhance brain activeness, reset to new and higher goals, focus and concentration, natural creativity, memory power,  stabilizing both left & right brain, alpha level thinking and a higher level of performance can be achieved.

Dr Zahra is founder of LifeTime Skills Institute. Joint Venture with IFPT (International Formation of Professional Trainers) and BSA Crescent Academy in Malaysia.  Representative of MAHNA Institute in Malaysia. Fligate (پرتال ایرانیان دانش آموخته زبانهای خارجی ). Lecturer in Islamic Azad University (IAU)- دانشگاه آزاد اسلامی Islamic Azad University of Shiraz, Iran, Degree and Master's degree Field Of StudyTEFL. Universiti Putra Malaysia, Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) Field Of Study Teaching English as a Second or Foreign Language/ESL Language Instructor.


Elan’s thought and vision is very much aligned to what I am doing to my daughter QQ. However, I have developed a personal KPI method namely “A P.E.R.F.E.C.T” and this is how I would evaluate him:
Attitude: he is joyous, approachable and utmost he is humble to everyone he mingled with. Proactive: he always take the 1st step to greet people with positive greetings and share his vast knowledge without being asked at all. I like proactiveness to offer his 1st hand information to people that he met.  Effective & Efficient: No doubt he is an expert to help people to achieve more with less.  Results: To me he is a high achiever with high value and ultimately he delivers.
Focus: I know he always focus to draw people attention all the time to understand his messages.  Enthusiasm: Obviously without much saying he loves what he does to achieve his deliverables at his optimal anytime.   Communicator: The most challenging part of the human development and yet I have seen he is great at communicating with good listening too.  Take Charge: This is what I love about him with good intention to help people to achieve what they desire. Always taking charge to go beyond what clients wanted.

SK Tan is the Asia’s Leading Brain-based Learning Expert and he operates Wonder Tree with extensive research and development of brain-based learning methods. His 1st Brain-based typing system "EasyType" won him an award at the ITEX 2005. He further developed "QBrain Method" - a whole-brain learning method of genius development designed to explore brain potential integrated with "Learning-to-Learn" and Learning-to-Think" at the fullest capacities. Subsequently, he integrated the Brain Enhancement & Synchronization Technology (BEST) that covers Fun Brain-compatible learning with E.A.S.Y series, health products, Super Brain Activator (ESP skill), QBrain+ game card and LazyMath which has been endorsed by Universiti Sains Malaysia, Penang together with EasyArt, too.

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Shalini Anantha Kumar, SMK Mahmud Raub Pahang, [STPM 4A] ~ Testimony

VGENIUST extraordinary Brain training, Unique coaching, Special thanks to Elan. He made my education life so fun with excellent scoring, greater health, finest emotion and it’s my lifetime tool for natural living. Every student should experience once VGENIUST workshop!

Shalini Anantha Kumar, SMK Mahmud Raub Pahang, [STPM 4A] ~ Testimony

Vijaya Girishan, from SK, [UPSR] Straight A's ~ Testimony

VGENIUST is a power packed training! My son, Vijaya Girishan, has attained STRAIGHT As in his UPSR after attending VGENIUST. It’s a real miracle result happened to my son, I would say!  In just 12 days attending the training, he naturally transformed to be a better person and VGENIUST helped to transform marks to STRAIGHT A’s!
Mr Elan’s coaching built up the confidence in me and I imposed it on my son to make him successful. VGENIUST Remains as the BEST & MOST UNIQUE for me.
S.Kavitha V. Supramaniam, Klang, 2018/2019

Vijaya Girishan, from SK, [UPSR] Straight As~ Testimony. S.Kavitha V. Supramaniam, Klang, 2018/2019.